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Bazzle Baby Review and Giveaway

About three weeks ago I was contacted by Ellery Harris of Bazzle Baby, Inc who kindly offered to send me one of their products to review here on my blog.  I was thrilled at the opportunity since I’ve never done an official product review here.  I’ve given my opinion on certain things, both baby and food related, but I’ve never done a real, sponsored review.  So here goes nothing…

So, what or who is Bazzle Baby?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  Bazzle Baby is a family owned and operated company founded by Amanda Davis.  She is a mother who, once her first daughter came along, dreamed of better, more stylish baby bibs.  All of the bibs at Bazzle Baby have been designed with a specific problem in mind.  These bibs have been created to help solve some of the most common baby problems – from drool, to spit-up, to messy feedings.  Bazzle Baby creates more than just bibs!  They also make burp cloths, pacifier clips, aprons and nursing cover-ups.  The materials used to make all of the products are safe and do not contain any chemicals that would be harsh on baby.

I was sent one of Bazzle Baby’s BandaBibs.  When I first saw it and read what it was, I though, “Wow, what a cute idea!”  You see, the BandaBib was created for babies in the teething and drooling stage (which can last quite some time).  My recently turned one year old daughter was, and still is, a big drooler.  I remember hating to put her in cute little outfits when she first started teething because they were either a) going to become soaked with drool in a matter of minutes, or b) get covered up by an stupid bib.  The BandaBib solves this problem.  These bibs are not only highly functional in keeping the drool from soaking your baby’s clothes, but they’re also cute and stylish.  They come in many different colors and pattern so they can be worn as an accessory to any outfit. The BandaBib is made from a soft, absorbent cotton.  It fits close to your baby’s chin and is great for teething or feeding.  Keeping a baby’s neck and chin area dry is important during those drooly months because if you don’t, it can cause soreness and chafing which is no fun at all!

This bib was so cute on Nora that it just looked like it was part of her outfit when she wore it.  It didn’t bother her or rub up against her in a way that made her uncomfortable (and trust me, she doesn’t keep much of anything on!).  She is drinking from sippy and straw cups exclusively now and is always dribbling milk and water out of her mouth.  She usually ends up with a soaked shirt within seconds of handing her the cup.  The BandaBib was the perfect solution for this.  Her clothes stayed dry and she looked cute too!  One thing that I really like is that the BandaBib isn’t lined with some waterproof type material.  We have a few bibs that claim to keep baby dry but they’re plastic-y and cheap looking and usually the water, milk or drool just runs right off and onto her clothing anyway.  I love how this bib is just soft and cozy with no plastic-y feel.  It absorbs well without being waterproof.  Overall, I highly recommend this product.  I only wish that I had known about it sooner!  It would have saved some really cute outfits from being drooled and dribbled on.

Now you have the chance to win one of these adorable bibs for your little one.  All you have to do to enter is visit Bazzle Baby on the web and pick out your favorite BandaBib pattern!  Come back here and leave a comment telling me which one you just love.  A winner will be chosen on Thursday, May 13, 2010.   Good luck!

Want an extra entry to the giveaway?  Click to vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs – Top Mommy Blogs – Mom Blog Directory Leave a separate comment letting me know that you voted.

You can also find Bazzle Baby on Facebook by clicking here and on twitter here.

Three strollers, a potty chair, and a roll of paper towels.

Sometimes when I open the tailgate to my car in a busy parking lot people who are passing by seem shocked about what is in there.  I have a pretty big car with a lot of cargo space and they’re probably wondering why the space is so full.  Well, the simple answer is that I’m a mom and moms never know what they are going to need when they’re on the road with their kids.

The items that occupy the cargo space of my mommy mobile on a pretty regular basis are three strollers, a potty chair, and a roll of paper towels.  Yes, I said three strollers.  You might be thinking, “Why three?  You only have two kids and there is only one of you.  How could you possibly need three strollers?”  Well, obviously I am not using them all at the same time.  But which one I use depends on where I am and who is with me.

First, there’s the big honking double stroller.  (It’s the Graco Quattro Tour Duo if you’re wondering.)  This stroller is great when I have both kids with me and we’re going to be out for a while, like trips to the mall.  It has lots of storage space and the back seat reclines flat.  It has all the bells and whistles one could want in a double stroller.  The thing is a beast though and it’s impossible to steer one handed.  Then there’s the single stroller with all the features (Graco Quattro Tour).  This stroller is great.  It reclines fully to accommodate sleeping children or to provide a place to change a diaper when you’re skeeved out by the public changing stations like I am.  It steers awesome and I have no problem pushing it one handed.  Brinley still loves riding in this stroller.  Lastly is the light, compact umbrella type stroller (Chicco C6).  I rarely used this with Brinley.  I always opted for the Graco with her.  Now having two kids, this stroller has been a life saver.  You can grab it really fast and throw a kid in there for quick trips into stores.  Both Brinley and Nora will ride in it when necessary.  It’s easy to steer one handed but I often kick the wheels when I walk if I’m in a hurry and the hook that you use to lock it shut to store it is a PITA to operate.

You want to know what is really funny though?  Nora hates riding in strollers.  She would much rather be carried.  And Brinley?  Well, she’s almost three and a half and probably looks a little silly riding in the stroller.  Oh and she’s totally capable of walking.  In all honesty, I could probably take all three of the strollers out of my car and gain TONS of cargo space.  But, I’m just not ready to make that step yet.

Chocolate Cheerios

We usually go grocery shopping as a family on Sunday afternoons.  This week I sent Scott solo so we didn’t have to take Brinley, who is sick, out.  I gave him a verbal list of what we needed and a reminder of the usuals, along with a few recipes to buy ingredients for.  Scott has always been a pretty healthy eater so I never really worry about what he’ll buy when left to his own devices.  I’m usually the one trying to sneak Oreos or soda into the cart.  The one aisle that always turns Scott into a kid again, though, is the cereal aisle.  Believe it or not, Mr. Healthy has been known to buy the following cereals on a regular basis: Count Chocula, Resee’s Puffs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs and Fruit Loops.

Needless to say, I was not surprised when he came home yesterday with a box of the “new” Chocolate Cheerios.  Though I’ve always been a huge Cheerios fan, and even had a love affair with Banana Cheerios last year, I was quite skeptical about these Chocolate ones.  They just looked unappealing on the box and I couldn’t imagine eating them for breakfast, maybe as a mid day snack, but not breakfast.  So this morning, Scott pours himself a bowl and I look on still a skeptic.  He takes a bite and his reaction is positive (I think even he was a bit unsure at first).  He’s trying to describe the taste to me and compares them to Cocoa Puffs.  He goes on to say that they’re not a wanna be type cereal like the Fruity Cheerios were (Fruit Loops wanna bes).  I decide that I need to see for myself so I pour myself a bowl as well.  To my surprise they were good!  It took me about 1/2 the bowl to make my decision, but I like them.  I’ll definitely eat them again, but probably not on a daily basis.  They’re just chocolate-y enough without being overbearing.  They do turn the milk chocolate though (but I’m not one to drink my cereal milk anyway).

So, for something as low in fat, calories and sugar as they are, they’re quite a good treat.  I can see myself eating them more as a snack though and sticking to my Life Cereal for breakfast.

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