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Keeping up is hard to do.

I guess it’s my own fault for setting myself up.  When I started to get into blogging seriously, I was posting daily.  I set aside time each morning or each night and blogged.  That was at a time when things were pretty uneventful in our lives.  We were grounded, the girls were both sleeping through the night, the chores were under control, things were easy peasy (ha!).  Well then we went ahead and moved.

Fast forward to now.  The days fill up so quickly.  The chores have increased (bigger house + yard = more chores).  We’re in the middle (well more near the end) of a renovation project.  Nora is cutting her one year molars and has an awful diaper rash which means she’s not sleeping as soundly these days.  So between contractors arriving at the house bright an early at 8am and Scott and I doing some of the remodel (read: painting) ourselves at night, time for blogging has dwindled severely.

But you know what?  It’s ok.  I blog because I enjoy it.  So if I make myself feel like it’s a chore, then what’s the point?  If I don’t get to it one day (or week), no biggie.  I have bigger fish to fry at times.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t want you checking in to see what’s new, but I do apologize if things get stale.  I’m happy to have acquired the readership that I have and I hope you don’t all leave me but keeping up is hard to do!

So I’ll be around when I can.  Hopefully not sporadically.. (name that movie!)

Raking, Mowing & Mulching – Oh My!

Townhouse living certainly had it’s perks.  I watched out the window each week as the landscaping crew came by to rake, mow and mulch the property.  When it snowed out, the plow was there bright and early to clear the lot.  If we had a lot of trash for any reason (big purchase, party, holiday), we had the luxury of just tossing it all in the dumpster.  Of course there were also plenty of cons about living in a townhouse with two small kids.  The two biggest negatives – all the stairs and no yard.

Our townhouse had three huge flights of stairs.  Each probably had at least 16 stairs (surprisingly, I never counted them).  To get to the main level of the house, you had to go up a flight.  So when it was grocery shopping day that meant multiple trips up the stairs with arms full of bags.  Not to mention the every day haul up and down the stairs with 20 pound Nora + diaper bag in one arm and 35 pound Brinley in the other. (Yes, she could do the stairs herself, but she always complained about it.  So in an effort to get out the door faster I’d often just carry her down.)  The main level had the kitchen and living room.  The bedrooms were up another flight and then Nora’s room (a loft converted into a nursery) was up yet another flight.  Then if I had to do laundry I had to go back down to the ground level (where the garage and laundry room were).  The one benefit to all of those stairs – nice calves!  To put it bluntly, I do not miss the stairs one bit.

The townhouse also lacked a yard.  There was common space outside but it wasn’t very close to our unit and there were always cars coming and going so it didn’t seem very safe to be out there with the kiddos.  We went to the park A LOT!  Not that I mind going to parks, I’m sure we’ll still go plenty but that meant an trip away from home and packing a bag with kid stuff and maybe not having a potty accessible for Brin.  Now we have our very own playground right in our backyard! 

While having all of this right outside our back door is awesome, it also means more work!  As if I (we) didn’t have enough of my plate already we have new chores now.  There’s raking and mowing and edging and mulching and trimming and watering and….  I spent two whole afternoons last week raking up the lawn. I even have blisters to prove it! (I quickly went out and bought some yard gloves the next day.) Scott then spent two evenings mowing the lawn.  We laid 10 bags of mulch (and that’s just the back of the house).  We looked forward to the rain yesterday when we’d typically frown upon it.  Why?  Because we wouldn’t have to water the lawn or plants.

Don’t get me wrong, I love our yard!  It’s amazing having all of this space.  The girls absolutely love being outside.  Brinley can play with all of the outside toys that have been stored in our garage for the past few years.  If we’re out playing and someone needs a snack or a potty break we can just go right inside and not have to have preplanned for any of it.  This might seem old hat to many of you, but it’s a huge change for us.  I’m sure the novelty will wear off at some point, but I’m actually enjoying the yard work so far.  It gives me a huge sense of pride.  I’m just worried that it’s going to be hard for us to keep up with it.

So, do you have a yard?  How do you keep up with the yard work?  Any tips or tricks to make it stay fun?

On The Move, Part One

As you know, since you’re a loyal reader and all, my family has gone through a major life change.  Last Wednesday we became the owners of a new home.  This has been an event long in the making.  Scott and I first started looking to buy a bigger, more family friendly house back in late 2007.  But things just never panned out exactly the way we had hoped, so we never pushed it.  After Nora was born in May 2009 the need for more space, both indoor and outdoor, grew.  So we dove in and went for it.  We found our perfect house by accident back in November and have been going through the process of home ownership ever since.

It would be impossible to recount everything that has happened over the past week and a half in one blog post.  So, I’m not even going to try.  It has all been a whirlwind to say the least.  Everything has happened so fast and gone so well that I hardly even remember how most of it went down.  None of it would have been possible without the help of some amazing friends and family members.  It truly blows my mind (in a good way) how unselfish and giving some people are.  I’m truly grateful to have friends and family who embody those characteristics.  My sincerest and heartfelt thanks goes out to them.  You know who you are!

On Wednesday, April 14th, Scott and I closed on the house.  We spent the next three nights painting rooms and making things perfect for the girls.  In total, we put in over 20 hours painting.  We taped, primed and painted.  And then we painted again.  We were at the house until 4am one night just to be sure that we’d have all the painting done before officially moving in.  Each night we’d put the girls to bed and had my mother-in-law stay with them while we worked.  We’d drag ourselves home each night and literally pass out the second our heads hit the pillows.  It was extremely exhausting but well worth it in the end.

That Saturday we did the big move.  We rented a moving truck and had some of our friends help us.  The predicted downpours didn’t put a damper (no pun intended) on things for us because we were so excited to finally be moving.  Our friends showed up at 9am in rain coats with coffee in hand ready to get down to business.  On top of two trips with the moving truck we took at least six cars full of stuff.  Beds and cribs were taken apart and put back together, dressers were moved, the refrigerator was emptied and the new one restocked.  Pizza was ordered, beer was consumed, and at 11pm everyone had just about had enough.  But everything (well the important stuff anyway) was in!  We were about to spend our first night as a family in our new home.

To be continued…

Be Our Guest! Be Our Guest!

This week is going to be quite a busy, hectic week for my family.  On Wednesday we’ll be closing on our new home.  From there we will begin moving which means I have to finish packing which means that when I’m not eating or sleeping I need to be putting things in boxes and organizing all of this stuff.  All of that means I’m not going to have much time to devote to blogging (sadly).

So, last week I put out a call for guest bloggers to help me keep my blog going while I’m busy with the move.  I’m thrilled to have received such a great response.  This week I’ll be hosting at least five guest bloggers.  I may even wrap it into next week if I’m still tied up (figuratively not literally) and the “guests” keep coming.  So far my guest bloggers include three moms who write their own blogs (one I know personally) and three friends who don’t write their own blogs (maybe this will give them the bug).

I hope that you enjoy what they have to say and leave them some nice comments.  Thank you to all of you who have graciously volunteered to guest blog for me.  I’ll be busy with my move but I’ll be checking in periodically and I’ll still be reading my favorite blogs as often as I can!


Wish List Wednesday

It’s that time again – Wish List Wednesday!
I’m going to be materialistic this week. When we move in to our new house, we will be looking (at some point) to get a new, larger refrigerator.   I really, really, really want one of those sleek, modern french door ones with the freezer drawer on the bottom… like this:

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