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No longer BFFs

For the past four years I have had the bestest best friend in the world.  We’ve done more together than I’ve done with any other one person in my life.  Countless shopping trips, hundreds of lunch dates, lots of girl talk and millions of hugs.   She is an amazing person who never ceases to amaze me or bring a smile to my face.  Sure we’ve had our ups and downs but we always manage to work our problems out.  I truly can’t imagine my life without her in it.  All of this makes it really hard for me to swallow the fact that maybe she doesn’t consider me her best friend anymore.  I know deep down inside I will always be her best friend but lately I’ve been pushed to the back burner and it hurts a little bit.

You see, my bestest best friend for the past four years has been my daughter, Brinley.  But now that she is four and growing up before my eyes, she has become quite an independent little girl.  She’s in school now and has new friends her own age.  It’s not that I’m not happy about her having friends because I am.  I love that she’s social and goes on play dates and has friends over to play.  It’s just hard to her hear say to me, “Mom, you go upstairs and leave us alone to play.”  It’s like she doesn’t need me there anymore to play with dolls or color or play school.  My role has shifted from best friend and playmate to simply Mom.  It’s a role I’ll always be more than happy to take on, but I’ll miss being the one she choose for playing games and dress up with.  Now it’s, “Can so and so come over to play” instead of “Mom, let’s play dolls.”

I know this is not the last time that my heart will ache just a little bit over my daughter.  I’m sure I’ll have many, many more experiences just like this one or even worse.  Hopefully over time they’ll be easier to swallow because right now I’m sitting upstairs typing this while I listen to my daughter downstairs playing with her friend.  Don’t get me wrong, it brings me great joy to hear their happiness and giggles, but I’m a little bit sad that I can’t be a part of it. :-(

Banana Curl Envy

This post needs no introduction.  Even if it did, I’m not sure I could stop laughing long enough to get it down.  Just read it and you’ll see why…


HI! I’m LCW from Waking Up Williams and since Kristin and her girls are busy loading the UHaul for their big move I’m stopping by to leave you readers jealous and swooning over banana curls.  And since I can’t put my feet on her coffee table, since it’s packed up, I’ve kicked my flip flops off and grabbed a pillow, before they were packed, to sit and share with you a fond memory of Kristin, Kindergarten and curls!  Yes, for those of you wondering….I know Kristin in real life, we go waaaay back.  We’re old, because some of you reading were only a twinkle in your parents eyes in 1986, or maybe a small ball of rapidly developing cells.

From what I remember Kristin and I were BFF’s for some time.  We were in the same Kindergarten class and shared snacks, dolls and playtime at each others homes.  I remember her brother teasing us, throwing things at us and just playing his role as the “mean older brother”.  He was cute though, tall, blond, blue-eyed….Oh I digress.

I have lots of fun memories of us, including the time we cut our dolls hair.  I chopped my doll’s bangs so short she looked pathetic and would be ridiculed by the other dolls, what were we thinking?  It’s not like the hair was going to grow back…but we had fun and it didn’t hurt anyone. Although looking back we probably shouldn’t have been playing with scissors or cutting anything without a mom nearby.  But you didn’t come here to read about our silly mishaps…because I have something far better for you, complete with a picture.

I introduce to you BANANA CURLS.  I swooned over Kristin’s banana curls.  What are banana curls you ask?  Well check out this blondie in the third row third from the left.  Yes, that’s Kristin circa 1986 posing for our class picture.

And those curls, I wanted them, I remember asking her all about them. I wanted all the details, down to the temperature of the curling iron (ok I was 5, so I probably didn’t ask that, but I was totally into the curls).  Her response was always, “My mommy does them for me.”  Well I wanted my mommy to do that to my hair too.  I wanted those curls, I wanted the perfectly coiffed hair and all the swooning that followed.  I explained to my mom, in detail the precision and sweetness of banana curls, she tried, she really did, but nothing compared to Kristin’s curls.  I don’t know why she called them banana curls, at the time I thought it was because she had “yellow” hair and they were long, like bananas and well bananas are yellow.  But regardless of their name, I at the ripe age of 28 still have envious fond memories of her perfectly styled hair.

Oh and I bet you’re trying to find me amongst the sea of ponytails, bows and goofy smiles.  I’ll leave you with this, I hate the jumper my mom made me wear, I insisted on wearing a necklace that didn’t match and my mom attempted banana curls, but failed miserably and left me with poofy, bouncy curls far from Kristin’s banana curls.

Be Our Guest! Be Our Guest!

This week is going to be quite a busy, hectic week for my family.  On Wednesday we’ll be closing on our new home.  From there we will begin moving which means I have to finish packing which means that when I’m not eating or sleeping I need to be putting things in boxes and organizing all of this stuff.  All of that means I’m not going to have much time to devote to blogging (sadly).

So, last week I put out a call for guest bloggers to help me keep my blog going while I’m busy with the move.  I’m thrilled to have received such a great response.  This week I’ll be hosting at least five guest bloggers.  I may even wrap it into next week if I’m still tied up (figuratively not literally) and the “guests” keep coming.  So far my guest bloggers include three moms who write their own blogs (one I know personally) and three friends who don’t write their own blogs (maybe this will give them the bug).

I hope that you enjoy what they have to say and leave them some nice comments.  Thank you to all of you who have graciously volunteered to guest blog for me.  I’ll be busy with my move but I’ll be checking in periodically and I’ll still be reading my favorite blogs as often as I can!


Weekend in Review

Friday night

  • We headed to the mall to check out the Lego store.  We bought Brinley her first Lego set.  A small, 83 piece set that builds the world’s smallest dog house.  The price tag – $12.95.  Yikes!
  • We also visited Pottery Barn Kids.  Brinley really loves going in there and playing with the doll houses and play kitchen.  I love looking at the room set ups and checking out the sale bins (even though there are usually like two things in there).  As I was browsing the girls were playing with the doll house and Scott decided to take out his iPhone and snap a quick photo.  He was quickly visited by a sales lady and told that he was not allowed to take pictures in the store.  Seriously?

  • Both girls PTFO in the car on the way home.  We put them to bed at watched The Taking of Pelham 123.  I’m not going to attempt to review the movie.  All I will say is that I thought I liked it but the more I think about it, I didn’t like it at all.


  • Chipotle for lunch.
  • Shopping at BJs and a trip to a furniture store.
  • Tenants came over to sign the lease.
  • I skipped dinner because I was still full from my burrito.
  • Sat on the living room floor and started tagging the boxes of clothes that I’m going to be selling at the tag sale next month.  Beer in hand made it more enjoyable.


  • Nora decided she would wake up at 5:55am.
  • Scott eventually got out of bed around 8:30.
  • We decided to go out for breakfast.  After reading that a local diner was recently named one of the Top 10 Diners in Massachusetts, we figured we should check it out.  We had heard about it many times but never gave it any credit.  It took six years of living about a half mile from the place before we check it out.  We loved it and will probably go back many times.  Nora made friends with at least three ladies there and Brinley loved her huge chocolate chip pancake.
  • Home for Nora’s nap and for mom and dad to shower.
  • Back to the furniture store to order our new dining room set.  I am SOOO excited about it.  It’s exactly what I wanted and we splurged on it but it’s perfect.  It will arrive at our new house in 6-8 weeks!
  • Headed to visit our friends, Lucrezia and John.  Lucrezia whipped up some baked ziti and homemade meatballs for us which were delicious.  Then we ventured outside for a little nature walk.  Brinley collected some leaves, rocks and pine cones.  When we returned from the walk we ate ice cream and cookies before heading home.
  • Put the girls to bed.
  • Mommy is off to bed at 9pm!

It was a very full weekend but we got some tasks accomplished and got to spend time with friends.  Now it’s back to the grind.  I have three huge baskets full of dirty laundry staring me in the face and the cupboards are bare.  Ugh!

How did you spend your weekend?  Was it filled with fun or with getting things done?  Maybe a little bit of both?

That’s what friends are for!

This weekend we had a houseful!  My best-est college bud and her family came from New York to stay with us for a few days.  I treasure these visits and always look forward to the next time we’ll see each other.  Having your best friend live 250 miles away is rough.  We always have so much fun together and make awesome memories.  We reflect on our past and look forward to our future.  It’s crazy how much we’ve changed since we first met.  Kelli and I were college roommates junior and senior year at BU.  We were studious, carefree, crazy girls.  We knew how to have a good time while keeping up with our studies.  There was never a dull moment at 6 Buswell.  We were together during the tragedy of 9/11/01 and left each other with tears in our eyes after graduation day in 2003.  Though our college days were over, our friendship was growing stronger.  We’ve spent many New Years Eves together starting back in 2004.

We make it a point to see each other a few times each year.  It’s crazy though how much we’ve changed, yet stayed the same, since college.  Kelli has been with me through all of my life changes.   She was the first one I called when Scott proposed to me.  She was a bridesmaid in my wedding, traveling to and from Boston for my bachelorette party, shower and pre wedding planning, never missing an event.  She was the first one to know that we were expecting a child and one of the first ones I called after Brinley was born.  Kelli never misses a birthday or event, even if she can’t be there she always sends something extra special.  Now that we both have families, our friendship only grows stronger as we share our happiness and struggles and work them out together.  Our days of dancing on bars and getting sick in cabs might be over, but our friendship will never end!  Now if I could just get her to move back to Boston…

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