I have no idea what is with my kids, mostly Nora, and head injuries.  I’m not talking about serious ones that might be life altering, but simply the ones that involve hitting, banging, or cutting the head.  If you know us personally or have followed my blog in the past (yes, I know I haven’t blogged in a while) then you’ve seen my posts on facial lacerations including stitches and dermabond here, here , here and here.  I know it seems crazy that I have four posts related to facial injuries, scars, stitches, etc but it’s our reality.  But the saga continues!

Back on February 16th Nora had a run in with a wall, specifically the place where two walls meet at a corner in a doorway.  Scott and I had literally just sat down to eat dinner and the girls were supposed to be watching a TV show before bed.  Well, whenever Scott and I try to eat a nice dinner by ourselves, Nora is always coming and checking up on us.  I heard her start to come down the hall but didn’t think anything of it.  She wasn’t even running, which is amazing in itself.  Then, all of a sudden Scott and I heard the loudest bang we’ve ever heard inside our house.  He looked right at me and said, “This is going to be bad!”  I dropped my fork and ran to the hall to find Nora on the floor screaming her little head off.  I scooped her up into my arms and that is when I saw the blood on her forehead.  There was a lot of it.  Somehow I have the ability to remain pretty calm in these type of situations and I told Scott to get me a towel so I could apply pressure to the wound.  It was hard to tell right away the severity of the wound and not knowing exactly what to do, we decided to call 911.  Nora was pretty hysterical and kept saying she was tired and was starting to hyperventilate a bit.

I sat on the kitchen floor, cradling Nora while holding the towel over her wound while Scott stood watch for the EMTs, firefighters and police officers. Oh yes, we had all of those people at our house that night.  In less than five minutes the firefighters arrived, two big stalky guys came into the house and we were all crouched on the kitchen floor.  They were the nicest guys ever and asked about what happened and looked at the wound.  They agreed that it was pretty bad and determined that she didn’t have a concussion.  They wrapped her head with gauze to cover the wound. The EMTs arrived next along with a police officer.  We decided not to go to the hospital in an ambulance for a few reasons  – 1.  It was almost 8pm and I wanted Brinely to be able to get to bed (she was pretty upset about the whole situation) and if we went in the ambulance Scott and Brinley would have to come pick us up when we were done, and 2.  They wanted to strap Nora to a backboard for the ride.  Since the bleeding had stopped, she didn’t have a concussion, and she was already pretty upset, I thought that strapping her to a backboard and putting her in the ambulance would just have been too much trauma for her for one night.

So after all the emergency responders had left, I took Nora and drove her to the nearest hospital.  On the way there I kept talking to her to make sure she was ok and that she didn’t fall asleep.  It also started to rain which I didn’t think much of until we arrived at the hospital and there was no where to park near the ER.  I circled around a few times but nothing opened up so I had to park on the other side of the parking lot an carry Nora, in the rain, over to the ER.  Granted it wasn’t that far, but it just added to the chaos.

Once inside, we checked in and had a seat in the waiting room.  She was initially checked out pretty quickly by the intake nurse and I though this would be a quick visit, but boy was I wrong.  We sat and sat in that waiting room for an hour, then two hours, then nearly three.  It occurred to me after about the first hour that I hadn’t eaten anything since about noon that day.  By this point, Nora was just about back to her normal self.  She was waving at other babies in the ER and asking questions about the other “sick” people.  I finally spotted a vending machine and was quite relieved only to realize that I had zero cash in my wallet.  At that point, Nora was also asking for water.  I felt so unprepared, but then again, this is the Emergency Room and who is ever prepared to be there?  We took a few walks to the bathroom, not necessarily to go, but more to pass the time and I noticed a man filling the vending machines.  I asked if any of the machine took credit cards, even though I was pretty sure the answer was no.  The guy said no, but gave me 2 bottles of water for free.  He didn’t have the key to the machine with the food in it though.

Not too long after that, we were called back to a room.  We waited some more, and then a doctor finally came in.  She looked at the wound and said it definitely needed to be stitched and that it was pretty deep.  I was fearing it though sort of expected it.  Nora was lucky to have gotten off with just dermabond last time.  So I texted Scott to update him and then we got ready.  Nora was pretty tired at this point and but she was very cooperative.  She sat up on the table, laid down when told, and barely flinched when they put the numbing stuff in her wound.  They did have to wrap her up in a sheet so she couldn’t move while being stitched, but that’s procedure anyway.  Since the wound was so deep that had to put a mattress stitch underneath and then five more stitches on the outside.  They gave her some Tylenol for the pain, bandaged her up and we were on our way home – over three hours later!

It was a crazy, scary night that I’ll never forget.  But now, almost a month later, she is healing well and I know she’ll be fine.  We use Mederma a few times a day and cover the area with a band aid when we go out in the sun.  The wound is off to the side on her forehead and closer to her hairline than her eyebrow so hopefully it will stay out of sight for the most part.  Of course, she had to choose the brightest most colorful band aids they sell to wear out in the sun.  It suits her though.  She’s the type of kid that when injured she wants everyone to know about it!

So that’s the story of my second kid, under the age of three, having stitches in her forehead.  But if you think I’m finished with the head injuries, you’re wrong!  Just yesterday, Nora was playing out on the porch and she came in to show me something.  She has a tendency to carry more than she can handle and when she came in through the door, she wasn’t paying attention and walked right into the door knob.  No, she didn’t cut herself but she does have a little bruised egg on the opposite side of her forehead.

I’m seriously thinking of getting the kid a helmet. ::Sigh::


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