I write this post after one of the worst nights sleep I’ve had in a while and it wasn’t due to a poorly sleeping child.  This time I have a stomach bug to blame.  It hit me around 10pm and I think I might have been able to get in a hour or so of sleep between my trips to the porcelain God and Brinley eventually waking up to join me.  NOT FUN!

Anywho, I’m exhausted and my body aches but I just put Nora down for a nap, I’m going to whip out this post and then I’ll let Brinley rot her brain watching TV while I attempt a nap on the couch.

For those of you who follow her, you know that today is Time Out for Theta Mom Thursday.  The goal is to take a hour for yourself during the month without kids and do something that you want to do.  It might seem trivial, but usually the only time I have without my girls is when they’re asleep!  I’m not complaining, I love being a stay-at-home-mom but a time out once in a while would probably do me some good.

My time out this month was spent grocery shopping at 8pm on a Monday night – alone!  Big deal, right?  Well, it was great.  I got in my car, alone, turned up the radio pretty loud (something I can’t do with the kids in the car) and drove a little bit faster than I normally do (don’t worry I didn’t break any laws).  Then I got to the grocery store and walked in without a child on my hip or holding a hand.  I felt pretty liberated.  I stopped at the coffee station near the bakery to get myself a nice, hot cup of joe and was on my way to fill my cart – no distractions or begging for a cookie or a book.  I was probably only gone for an hour, but it felt great.  I’m thinking of making this my new grocery shopping routine.  We usually go as a family on Sunday afternoons, but it’s starting to get in the way of our weekend family time.

So, how did you spend your time out this month?  Be sure to visit Theta Mom’s blog to share.

::Heading to the couch now::

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