On The Move, Part One

As you know, since you’re a loyal reader and all, my family has gone through a major life change.  Last Wednesday we became the owners of a new home.  This has been an event long in the making.  Scott and I first started looking to buy a bigger, more family friendly house back in late 2007.  But things just never panned out exactly the way we had hoped, so we never pushed it.  After Nora was born in May 2009 the need for more space, both indoor and outdoor, grew.  So we dove in and went for it.  We found our perfect house by accident back in November and have been going through the process of home ownership ever since.

It would be impossible to recount everything that has happened over the past week and a half in one blog post.  So, I’m not even going to try.  It has all been a whirlwind to say the least.  Everything has happened so fast and gone so well that I hardly even remember how most of it went down.  None of it would have been possible without the help of some amazing friends and family members.  It truly blows my mind (in a good way) how unselfish and giving some people are.  I’m truly grateful to have friends and family who embody those characteristics.  My sincerest and heartfelt thanks goes out to them.  You know who you are!

On Wednesday, April 14th, Scott and I closed on the house.  We spent the next three nights painting rooms and making things perfect for the girls.  In total, we put in over 20 hours painting.  We taped, primed and painted.  And then we painted again.  We were at the house until 4am one night just to be sure that we’d have all the painting done before officially moving in.  Each night we’d put the girls to bed and had my mother-in-law stay with them while we worked.  We’d drag ourselves home each night and literally pass out the second our heads hit the pillows.  It was extremely exhausting but well worth it in the end.

That Saturday we did the big move.  We rented a moving truck and had some of our friends help us.  The predicted downpours didn’t put a damper (no pun intended) on things for us because we were so excited to finally be moving.  Our friends showed up at 9am in rain coats with coffee in hand ready to get down to business.  On top of two trips with the moving truck we took at least six cars full of stuff.  Beds and cribs were taken apart and put back together, dressers were moved, the refrigerator was emptied and the new one restocked.  Pizza was ordered, beer was consumed, and at 11pm everyone had just about had enough.  But everything (well the important stuff anyway) was in!  We were about to spend our first night as a family in our new home.

To be continued…

In 65 days..

We will be closing on our new house in 65 days.  In some ways that feels like a long time.  It’s over two months away.  A lot happens and changes in two months.  Nora will be almost a year old (yikes!) and Brinley will be just over three and a half (OMG!).  In 65 days the weather will be nicer (we hope) and the days will be longer.  April seems lifetimes away right now with snow still on the ground and bitter cold in the air.  But then again, 65 days is not very long at all when I think about all of the packing I have to do and cleaning and organizing and purging and…  Aaahh!  When I look at it that way two months does not seem like enough time.

My feelings are very bittersweet.  I am SOO excited to be moving into a HOUSE.  A single family, stand alone house where we won’t be sharing walls with anyone else.  A home with a yard, with grass and a swing set.  A home where the girls will each have their own bedroom.  A home in a neighborhood with kids and friendly (I hope) neighbors.  At the same time, I can’t help but feel a little bit sad about leaving our townhouse.  This place hold so many memories for us.  We moved here six years ago, back when it was just Scott and I.  It was our first home together.  We went through so many life changes while living here.  We got married in July 2005, Brinley was born in September 2006, Scott started his new job in February 2007, and then Nora was born in May 2009.  But the time has come where we have simply outgrown this space and we need to move on.

So, in 65 days we’ll sign all the papers and get the keys to our new house.  It will be a new beginning for us all and I am so excited.  Who wants to help me pack?

Going, going, gone.

In preparation for our move in April, I have decided to get rid of some things, namely baby things.  At this point, I think we’re pretty content with just having our two girls, though we’re constantly asked when we’re going to try for a boy.  This question annoys me because even if we did have another child there is no guarantee that it would be a boy.  Why is it assumed that I need to/want to have a boy?  I’m pretty happy having two beautiful, healthy, thriving, joyous children.  The fact that they’re both girls is perfectly fine with me.  Ok, now that I got that tangent out of the way…

I’m getting rid of things so that when we move, we have less to pack and take with us.  Especially things that we no longer need.  I put up a few ads on craigslist for some baby things.  I am also planning to sell a lot of baby clothes and other baby items at the Chelmsford Mother’s Club (CMC) Tag Sale this spring.  Anyway, I have gotten a few email about some of my baby things that are on craiglist and today I completed my first sale.  Our Bumbo seat is GONE and I made $25!

I’m still trying to sell the bassinet, the papasan seat, the Baby Bjorn, and the BundleMe.  If you know anyone that is interested, send them my way!

Moving On Up!

It’s finally happening! We’re moving, well in April. Our family of four has official outgrown our townhouse. Back in 2004, before we were married (tisk! tisk!), Scott and I moved into this townhouse. To us, it was HUGE and we never imagined we’d be able to fill up all the space. Then came the wedding shower, and the wedding and the cabinets and closets started to fill up. Next came baby and along with her tons of clothes, toys and paraphernalia. As she grew, so did the amount of stuff needed to keep her happy and thriving. Two and a half years later, enter 2nd child. Now things are really starting to get cramped!

We made the decision that it was just time to move on. This place has treated us well and we’ve been happy to call it home for the past six (wow!) years. We’ve had the luxury of living in a new construction place which has been virtually worry free… our driveway gets plowed when it snows, our trash goes in a dumpster and is out of sight immediately, our grass (the little that there is) is mowed weekly and everything is just “new”.

It’s going to be a bit of an eye opener to move into a “new to us, but not new” home but I’m really looking forward to making it our own. We’ll have a yard, a swing set, and we won’t have to share walls with anyone else! We’ll have lots of projects and lots of space and I just can’t wait. So let the packing and purging begin. Just before our baby turns one, we’ll be in our new place. Yippee!!

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