So, school’s out for summer.. well preschool is anyway.  Brinley has been done with school for two weeks now.  Gone is her routine of waking up and getting ready for school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Gone are my 3 mornings a week with only one kid in tow.  Now it’s the three of us ALL.THE.TIME!  It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just much more difficult to keep two kids busy all the time than it is one.  Not to mention that all of our extracurricular activities have also come to an end.  No more Tuesday dance class for Brinley or Friday gymnastics for Nora.  No more playgroup on Monday mornings.  The carefree days of summer are upon us.  In order for me to keep my sanity, I have to keep myself and the girls busy.

I’ve signed Brinley up for a few mini-sessions of gymnastics and dance but other than that our calendar is empty and it’s up to me to fill the days with fun, exciting activities.  Sure there will be play dates and visits with friends, but we need a little more spice than that in our lives.  Luckily we had some hot weather last week and the girls and I were able to hit up a local swimming hole with friends.  It took up a good chunk of our day.  Today we visited Davis Farmland with even more friends.  It’s a great little discovery farm with animals galore that the kids can feed, pet and brush.  We had a great time.

The crew with the fake milking cow

We’ve got quiet a few fun things on the calendar for the rest of the summer like our annual trip to StoryLand with our New York friends (Hi, Kel!) and some weekends out to my parents lake house but it’s the day to day monotony during the week that I need to work on filling.  I’m open to your ideas for fun things to do with the kiddos this summer.  I don’t mind spending a little bit to have a good time, but free and/or cheap events are best!

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