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How to save $104.91 at BJs

I probably make a BJs run about once every 6-8 weeks.  I stock up on things like paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, trash bags, diapers, wipes and bottled water.  If I have a coupon I’ll buy laundry detergent there as well as dishwasher tablets.  Occasionally there’s an impulse buy or two… like a cute rain coat or book for the girls or a Red Sox hoodie for me.  I definitely consider BJs one of my happy places.  I typically go on a week day morning and bring the girls.  We snack on the fee samples and I let them browse the toy and book isles.  It’s a good way to kill some time with kids.

Well this past weekend, I was about to use my last diaper and told Scott that I need to make a BJs run.  Since we didn’t have anything planned, we decided to go as a family {that means he was coming with us!}.  We also ventured to a new BJs.  We were already out shopping and figured we’d take a little adventure and check out a different location.  This store was brand spanking new AND it had a gas station which the one near us does not.

Anywho, we spent probably close to an hour in the store.  We had free samples of Annie’s Organic Gummy Fruit Snacks, bakery cup cakes, and Russell Stover’s Sugar Free Chocolates.  The girls played “in the cart, out of the cart” and sat in one of those humongous camping chairs {have you ever seen one?}.  A good time was had by all.

We eventually made our way to the check-out at which point Scott had to run to the little boys room.  I put everything up on the conveyor and watched the cashier scan everything through.  Scott walked back from the bathroom just as the cashier announced the total… $228.34.  He looked at me, I looked at him and then I handed the cashier my card.  I can’t remember the last time I spent more than $150 at BJs.  So, what on earth could have happened this time?  I brought my husband!

Keep in mind, before we went into the store, Scott said to me, “We only need diapers, right?”  I said yes, and probably some tissues and water.  So what did he add to the cart?  A dry-fit running shirt for $14.99, a 12 pack of bakery muffins for $6.95, a 3 pack of boxer shorts for $22, a 16 pack of Gillette Fusion razor blades for $42.99, and two packages of batteries for $8.99 each, for a grand total of $104.91.

Next time I go to BJs I’m leaving my husband at home!

Nora’s Eye Update

It’s been nearly two weeks since Nora’s tear duct probing.  I’m so glad that it is over but honestly it wasn’t nearly as bad or traumatic of an experience as I had thought it would have been.  Here’s how things went:

On Tuesday morning,March 15th, Scott and I got up and ready.  Nora decided that she would sleep in which was honestly a great thing considering that she had to fast.  She couldn’t have anything to eat or drink after midnight.  When she woke up, I quickly dressed her in a sweat suit and we headed for the car. Scott and I drove Nora to the hospital which was about 25 minutes away.  Her procedure was scheduled for 9:30am but we were asked to be at the hospital by 8:30am. Once we arrived at the hospital, we checked in and then waiting in the waiting room.  We distracted Nora with toys and by looking out the windows at the birds and squirrels.  I knew that if she had time to think about it, she’d definitely ask for food.

A little bit after 8:30 we were brought into a pre-op room where Nora was given some toys to play with and we were asked a few basic questions like her height, weight and if she was on any medications.  Nora didn’t seem the least bit phased by any of this.  She played with the toys and during that time we changed her our of her clothes and into a hospital johnny.  She was given a bracelet for each wrist and one for her ankle.  Then a nursing student came in and brought in the mask that they’d be using to administer the anesthesia.  Nora was reluctant at first to touch it but eventually did.  They put strawberry flavored lip gloss inside it and encouraged her to smell it.  This was to help prepare her for when they’d place it over her mouth.

Since only one of us was allowed in with her, Scott and I decided that I would ride into the operating room with Nora and he’d wait in the pre-op area.  I had to wear a white suit, shoe covers and a hat.  Nora thought this was pretty funny.  Then I got into the bed with her and the team of doctors and nurses wheeled us into the operating room.  This was the first time I had ever been inside an operating room and boy was it bright!  You always see them on TV with all the lights and stuff but I didn’t realize how bright it really is.  Once we were in the operating room, I got off of the bed and helped move Nora to the operating table.  She was a bit clingy to me at first, not knowing what was going on, but she eventually got on without a fuss.  The nurses and doctors couldn’t believe how compliant she was being.  I helped her to lay down and then held her hands as she clutched one binky and sucked on another.  She looked a bit scared but never cried.

Then the anesthesiologist put the little mask over her face and she looked up at me and started to whimper.  It broke my heart.  She didn’t fight it, but just looked so sad.  I just held her hands and talked to her and in less than a minute she was asleep.  At that point, I left the room.  It was so hard to do but I knew that she was ok and that I’d be with her in a few minutes.  I met back up with Scott and we headed out to the waiting area.  Within about three minutes after sitting down to wait, the doctor was coming toward us.  She said that Nora was all done and that everything went great.  Nora was in the recovery room starting to wake up and we were brought to her.  She seemed scared but wasn’t crying.  She did eventually start fidgeting and crying when she saw us but I think it was because she wanted to get out of the bed.  She kept asking to leave.

In the recovery room, she got to snack on some Cheerios, apple juice and graham crackers and she watched Elmo on TV.  Coincidentally Elmo’s World was about going to the doctors.  We stayed there for about 20 minutes then got Nora dressed and were ready to head home!

It’s been almost two weeks and her eye looks great!  I had to give her eye ointment for the first week.  On Friday I thought we might be having a set back because some tears were starting to pool on her lower eye lid but I called the doctor and she said it was likely because Nora was developing a cold.  That seems to be the case.  She’s had a runny nose and slight cough for a few days now.  Her eye still looks awesome though.  No goop or wetness in it when she wakes up in the morning and no tears constantly running down her cheek.  Hopefully it will stay this way.  There is a chance it could close up but it’s not common.

Nora was such a trooper and did amazingly well with all of it.  I’m so proud of her!

Today is the day

By the time you’re reading this, Scott, Nora and I will already be in the car on our way to the hospital.  Today is the big day.  After a few visits to the eye doctor and discussing it at length together, Scott and I {along with Nora’s pediatrician and ophthalmologist} have decided to go ahead with the eye probing surgery.  They call it a surgery, but it’s really just a quick procedure.  I guess the fact that she has to be under anesthesia means it’s a surgery though.  But when I tell people about it, I just can’t use that word.  It makes it seem too serious.  Not that I’m not taking this seriously or that I’m not very nervous about it… it’s just that calling it a procedure makes it less scary for me.

I know that everything is going to go great and we’ll be home and done with it before we know it, but I’m still going to be a nervous wreck.  Nora can’t have anything to eat or drink after midnight tonight {last night when you read this} and I know that is going to make for a very rough morning.  I don’t even want to think about walking away from her once she’s in the hospital.  I know I’ll probably lose it.

When Brinley had her stitches I didn’t have time to prepare for what was to come and it was just easier that way.  It was awful, but somehow I remained calm for her because she was wide awake and I had to stay strong.  This is different.  Nora will be put to sleep and I’ll have to walk away and I’ve had plenty of time to think about it all.  That’s making it much more difficult.  But in a few hours we’ll be home and it will be behind us and Nora will {fingers crossed} have an unblocked tear duct.


I seem to get a lot of hits to my blog by people searching for dermabond, scars and facial lacerations.  It’s not much of a surprise to me considering the posts here and here.  So, I decided to do a little follow-up, if you will, on how things have turned out for my girls, scar-wise.  If you remember (or if you go back and read those two posts) Brinley and Nora both had accidents involving facial lacerations.  Brinley was just over two years old and Nora was about 16 months old.  Brinley had six stitches and Nora was treated with dermabond.

Over two and a half years later, Brinley’s scar is barely noticed at all.  It’s about an inch long and luckily it’s right in her hair line.  We’ll still be sure to put sunblock on it whenever we’re out in the sun for long periods of time, but for the most part it’s completely off of our radar.  We never see it and it has no lasting effects.  Here is a picture of her scar as it looks today (with me pulling her hair back off of it):

Nora’s scar hasn’t had as much time to heal as Brinley’s but so far I am happy with the results.  If you remember from my original post on it, I was a little bummed that her pediatrician said he’d probably have stitched it instead of using dermabond, but it was too late.  He obviously wasn’t there when we were in the ER and he didn’t see the original wound but that was his opinion.  It made me a little upset that we may have missed an opportunity to have the best outcome for her.  But now that time has passed and the dermabond has long since fallen off, I couldn’t be happier about the appearance of her scar.  It’s virtually unnoticeable!  Unlike Brinley’s, Nora’s is more in the front and center (well a little off to the left) of her forehead.  So a visually noticeable scar there wouldn’t be so great.  I guess she could always opt for bangs, but I’m not a huge bangs fan.  I can honestly say that her scar is never mentioned or noticed by anyone.  Again, we’ll use sunscreen and all that, but it’s a non issue to us.  Here is a picture of Nora’s scar as it looks today:

Nora’s scar wasn’t a nice straight line like Brinley’s is.  But honestly, I had to circle it in the picture because otherwise you’d never have been able to find it.  It’s more of a little bump in her skin than anything.  Hopefully it stays the way it is or gets even better.

So there you have it.  I know the wounds were different and they were on different kids, but that’s my experience with both stitches and dermabond.  I wouldn’t say that one was better than the other because honestly I’ll never know that.  I will say, though, that I am very happy that we went with the dermabond for Nora.  I think that she’d have a much more noticeable scar with stitches.


Losing Control

I have been a mother now for four years, five months and eleven days.   For the majority of that time I have felt in control of most things baby/toddler/child related.  I determine when my children eat, when they bathe, when they get to watch TV.  I determine where we are going on a given day and who we will see.  The power is in my hands.  Though, that doesn’t mean I don’t get request for other things or protests against what I say.  But the truth of the matter is, I am the parent and I make the rules.  Right?

One thing that I have really enjoyed having control over for the past four years, five months and eleven days is what my children wear and how they are presented when we’re out of the house.  By that I mean, I love dressing my girls in cute outfits and coordinating their hair accessories to match.  I take pride in their neatness and overall put-together-ness.  It’s sort of like a hobby of mine.  That might sound materialistic or even ridiculous to some, but to me, it’s just the way I like it.  It doesn’t mean that I shop at high end stores or dress my girls in fancy clothes.  In fact, 95% of their wardrobe comes from Target or Kohls.  I am a bargain shopper.  What it does mean is that I just like them to look neat, clean and presentable whenever we’re out.  I like them to be dressed properly for the day/occasion and the weather.  Up until recently, I have had complete control over this.

ENTER 4 year, 5 month, 11 day old daughter. EXIT mom’s control of outfit selection.

I love being a mom to girls.  It really suits me. {Though honestly I don’t know anything else.}  But it definitely has it’s challenges.  As much as I love dressing my girls, I simply don’t have the time or energy to argue about clothes with a four and a half year old.  The mornings are much too rushed as it is and without at least two cups of coffee in me, I just can’t stand to put up the fight.  Even if I did, a meltdown of epic proportions would ensue and I’d ultimately give in to get her to shut up! {Please do not criticize my parenting strategy, or lack there of.}

So, yesterday morning, as we were getting ready for the day, my daughter asks, “Mom, can I wear whatever I want?”  I’d say this question gets asked as average of 5 out of 7 days of the week.  Typically I say yes, but I do ask to see the outfit before it’s put on.  If the outfit is weather appropriate and suitable for whatever the day has in store, I don’t fight it {even if it’s the complete opposite of what I would have picked out for the day.}  I do have to say though, Brinley does know how to coordinate an outfit so my efforts thus far have been worth it.  The clothes she chooses almost always match and look cute.  {I, of course, do still have control over what is purchased!  Thank God!}

Anyway, back to yesterday morning… Brinley lays out her outfit of choice and I go in to her room to approve of it.  She has picked out pink leggings, a jean skirt, pink socks, and a pink, long sleeved shirt.  Sounds great, right?  Well, the pink shirt had a black cat on it with Halloween themed stars and said “Scaredy Cat”.  I mentioned to her that it was a Halloween shirt and that Halloween had already passed but I must have forgotten to put the shirt away.  I suggested another pink shirt to go with the outfit but she insisted on this one.  So, I let it go.  And I let my daughter go out, to a play date even, in a Halloween shirt in March.

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