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Highlighter Tears

Remember how cool black lights were?  I’m not implying that they’re no longer cool, it’s just that it’s been years since I’ve seen one.  When I was in college they were all the rage.  All of the parties and clubs my friends and I went to had them.  The best were the highlighter parties where you’d color on your white shirt or your skin {gasp!} with the fluorescent markers and then hang out in a room lit only by black light bulbs.  Totally awesome, right?!  So just think how totally awesome it would be if you could have had that highlighter juice coming out of your eyes!

Ok, so maybe that isn’t the most awesome thought right now.  It’s actually kind of disturbing.  But today, I got to see what that would have looked like.  Back in October I wrote a post about my daughter’s blocked tear duct.  I was having a hard time with the fact that she might have to have it surgically probed to open it up.  This meant putting her under anesthesia.  The thought made me sick.  But now, I’m coming to terms with the idea.

Today I took Nora for her second eye doctor appointment.  The first time, she had a comprehensive eye exam and aside from the blocked duct and very slight myopia {nearsightedness} in one eye she checked out just fine.  So back to the highlighter oozing eyes…  They put these special yellow drops in her eyes.  The drops tint her tears and then the doctor can see how the tears are draining.  The way they do that is they shine a black light in her eye and see where the tinted tears are going.  And since Nora’s left tear duct is blocked, the tears were pooling on her lower lids and glazing over her entire eye.  So when the doctor shined the black light it looked like highlighter was pouring out of her eyes.  It was cool and creepy at the same time.

All of this has confirmed the fact that Nora will have to have her duct probed.  They refer to it as a surgery which makes me cringe, but it takes all of about 5 minutes.  Hopefully once it’s over with I’ll stop hearing, “Oh, poor thing!  Why is she crying?”

Let’s Face It…

…post activity on this here blog has been sluggish, to say the least, these past few months.  Am I sorry?  No, not really.  This blog is my creative outlet and I don’t have any schedule, per se, for posting on it.  That’s the best part about it.

Remember when you were in high school or college and you were given a writing assignment with a particular due date?  Wasn’t that the worst!?  Even if you loved writing or it just came easy to you, having someone give you a topic to write on and then tell you when it was due was just plain hell.  At least it was for me.  I’m most creative and wordy when it’s not forced.  Do I enjoy writing?  Yes.  Does it come easy to me?  Most of the time.  Except when I try to force myself to sit down and blog.

As many of you readers know, since most of you are busy moms too, carving out time in the day for yourself is just plain hard.  Ever try to do something you wanted to do spur of the moment with two kids hanging off your legs?  Yeah, impossible.  So when I’m going through my daily grind and an idea strikes me that I think would make a good blog post, I can’t just stop what I’m doing and run over to my computer.  I’ve got sticky hands to clean, dishes to wash and laundry to fold.  So I take those ideas and file them into my brain {or jot them down on a sheet of paper so I don’t forget} and hope that when I have time, the ideas will flow.  But that’s simply not always the case.  I find myself sitting at my computer quite often with a post window open and a page full of blog ideas by my side and noting will come to me.  I’m trying to force myself to type something out and it just doesn’t work.

Am I giving up on this blog?  No way!  I love writing and sharing stories.  I love the people I’ve met through blogging and I love the creative outlet.  So when I have time, and the mood is right, and the creative juices are flowing you can bet that I’ll be blogging.  But I’m not going to force myself to stick to a schedule because then this will all just turn into a chore and who likes doing chores?  Not me! :-)

If you’re still following my blog, thanks for sticking with me.  I truly appreciate your readership and hope to have many more great posts to share with you.

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