Saturday was our five year wedding anniversary.  Since it falls on a holiday weekend we decided not to celebrate this big milestone on it’s actual day but wait and do it the following weekend (this weekend).  With that said, we traveled down to visit Scott’s side of the family for the day.  His brother lives right on the beach and always has a big gathering on July 3rd.  So we packed up the girls early that morning with beach gear galore and drove a little over an hour.  To our HUGE surprise there was no traffic!  We got there in record time, grabbed some food for the kids and headed to the beach.  It was PACKED beyond belief.  I can’t say I’m surprised but the tides were not cooperating with the 90 plus degree weather and everyone was jam packed in about 10 feet of space between the water and the sea wall.  And the tide kept rising meaning we had to push back our chairs and bags about every 5 minutes.  The girls had a blast though and even though I despise ocean beach sand, it was completely worth it.  The water was even warm enough un-numbing enough that you could go in and actually enjoy it.  Brinley made sand castles with her cousins and swam in the ocean with her daddy.  Nora ran around non stop the entire day, ate everything in site and tried out everyone’s beach chair.  She attempted to go in the water many times but every time a wave came toward her she’s run for the sand.  It was too cute.

After we were all drained from the sun and ran out of cold drinks and food, we headed back to my brother-in-law’s house for a BBQ.  Burgers, sausages, steak tips, chicken, pasta salad, fruit salad, coleslaw, cookies, brownies, margaritas, beer… you name it, it was consumed!  The kids all played in the yard while the adults talked and ate.  Around 9pm we all paraded back down to the beach for the most amazing fireworks display ever.  You’d never have known that lighting off fireworks was illegal in Massachusetts after seeing the show that was put on by the locals.  Probably some of the best fireworks that I’ve ever seen.  We kept the kids up waaaaaaaaay late but they were amazing.  Nora stayed awake for the show and Brinley fell asleep in daddy’s arms under the fireworks.

At about 10:30pm we trudged back to the house and packed the girls up in the car.  Nora was still awake so I managed to get her into her PJs.  Brinley was already passed out so we just plopped her in the car.  They both slept for the entire ride home and then  we transferred them to their beds.  Scott and I followed suit and passed out just as our heads hit the pillows.  We never originally planned to stay for the fireworks but the girls were being so good and having so much fun that we just went with it.  I’m so glad that we did.

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