It’s no doubt that kids can be strange.  They tend to do things that grown people would never do.    They attempt feats that no sane adult would try.  I’ve witnessed both of my children perform things that just boggle my mind.

Nora is quite the stunt woman.  She thinks that she can defy odds and walk on water.  She’ll be sitting on the couch and stand up and think that she can take a step and just be on the floor again.  It doesn’t seem to click in her small mind that the couch is 2 feet off of the ground.  She tries to climb everything and can’t seem to grasp that certain objects weren’t meant to be stood on.  This results in quite a number of boo boos.  She has mastered putting her hand on her head and announcing to us “boo boo”.

However, what really drives me crazy lately is her eating behavior.  Now maybe her taste buds aren’t fully developed yet or something but the manner in which she consumes food often grosses me out.  Case in point:  Last night for dinner we had tacos and Mexican rice.  She loves this meal.  I piled her tray with seasoned beef, shreaded cheese, rice, olives and pieces of taco shell.  She shoveled the food in her mouth so fast I doubt she could even taste it (which may have something to do with the following)!  She finised her food before anyone else was done.  At that point she was twisting and turning in her high chair and exclaiming “uck, uck” (stuck).  I kept telling her, “No, you’re not stuck.  You’re sitting in your chair while we finish eating.”  Realizing that she was just going to keep trying to get out of her chair, I decided to give her something to keep her quiet.  Enter popsicle!

I opened up a green apple flavored mini pop and handed it to her.  She devoured it in about 2 minutes.  Not quite enough time for Scott and I to finish our food.  I assumed that she’d go back to trying to get out of her seat and yelling “uck, uck” but instead she did something that sort of grosses me out.  She picked up some small pieces of beef and rice off of her try and ate them.  Then she asked for more.  So I gave it to her.  It sort of bothered me that she had just finished eating a cold, sweet, popsicle and was now putting pieces of beef and rice in her mouth.  That is something that I’m pretty sure a grown person would never do.  This is also not the first time she’s done this.  She’ll finish her food and have “dessert” and go right back to eating whatever the meal was.  Maybe I’m the strange one, but I can’t stomach eating spaghetti and meatballs then having some ice cream and going back to eating the meatballs.  GROSS!

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