Ever hear a person call someone a name (nickname or term of endearment) and think to yourself, “Where the heck did they come up with that?”  Of course you have your standard shortened names like Chris for Christopher or Sue for Susan. Then there are the not so easy to figure out ones like Dick for Richard, Jack for John, or Peggy for Margaret (huh?).  And of course there’s the lovey nicknames couples give each other like muffin, honey, cupcake or pumpkin.  Weird how most of them are food related.  Sometimes you even hear something that just seems to have no meaning behind it at all, or so you think.

We are no strangers to these absurd nicknames in our family.  I’ll start with myself.  In high school I became known as Smack which came from Smackie, which came from my last name, Mackie.  I’m not sure how it started but lo and behold, I was called Smack by some of my close friends for years.  I even have a few friends who still refer to me that way.  I’m sure if I’m out and a stranger hears, “Hey Smack, what do you think of this shirt?”, they would probably think its a little bit odd but it’s not to me at all.

Scott has an odd nickname from high school as well, Stub or maybe it’s S Dub.  I’m not sure.  All I know is that when I first met some of his high school friends back when we started dating I was all, huh?  Whadiju just call him?  I was later informed that this nickname was derived from his initials, SW.  Makes sense now, right?

Then you have the term of endearment by which Scott and I refer to each other, Weeds.  Anyone care to take a guess as to where in the heck that came from?  Stumped, right?  Well back in the day we went with the old standard, Sweetie.  We’d refer to each other lovingly and address notes and cards to our Sweetie.  Somewhere along the lines, it got shortened to Sweets which eventually turned in to Weets and then Weeds.  There is no real rhyme or reason why it evolved but it did and there you have it.

Another strange one is the name Scott (and sometimes I) call Nora.  She’s Rooster.  A stranger who hears it might think it has something to do with the little ponytail that sticks straight up on her head, but they would be wrong.  It also has nothing to do with her waking us up in the morning.  (You know, cock-a-doodle-do at the crack of dawn?)  I don’t even think I can explain where this name came from.  It has something to do with a sound (kind of like “oosh”) that she used to make when she first started “talking”.  Scott mimicked her and along the way it turned in to Rooster and now that is what she is called, lovingly of course.

Brinley’s nicknames make much more sense.  She’s called Brin, or B and sometimes Beast (which came from B-ster).  When she was a baby she was sometimes called B-Dawg.  Wait, now that I think of it, we’ve also called her Brinjamin and Brinjamin Button.  Ok, we’re a little strange.

There are more that I could add to the list but that covers the core family.  Again, these names might seem insane and off the wall to strangers.  How could crazy names like these possibly have any meaning to them, but they do!  Do you have any strange nicknames in your family?  Where did they come from?

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