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I scream, you scream…

“Run, run, run as fast as you can

Here comes the music of the Ice Cream Man.

Hurry, hurry, hurry he’s coming down the street

I have some money for an ice cream treat!”

Brinley came home from school one day a few weeks ago singing this little tune over and over and over again.  At first I thought maybe she had made it up but it turns out that she learned it at school.  Very fitting since it happened to be about a bazillion degrees that day.

I have some really fond childhood memories involving the ice cream truck.  We had one in our neighborhood that stopped on the corner every single day when the weather was above 70-ish degrees.  I remember hearing the tinkly music and running inside with my brother and neighborhood kids to beg my mom, or any other grown up, for some money for the ice cream truck.  I consider myself very lucky because more often than not my parents happily handed over their pocket change so that we could get a treat.

There is an ice cream truck in our new neighborhood.  We heard that unmistakable music ringing in the air the first week we moved in.  I wasn’t sure Brinley would know what the music was or what it was coming from because we’d only experienced the ice cream truck a few times and it had been over a year since she last saw one.  Well, to my surprise she knew exactly what it was and started jumping up and down yelling, “ice cream man, ice cream man!”  All of my childhood memories came back to me and Scott ran inside to get some money.  What was shocking was that those screwballs that used to cost us 50 cents were now two dollars!!  A simple popsicle is $1.50 and an ice cream sandwich is $2.00.  Yikes!  Of course we got her an ice cream, a Dora face with gumball eyes.

The bad part – the ice cream truck strolls through the neighborhood around 4:30pm.  About an hour or so before dinner time.  Oh and the fact that if we let her get ice cream even a few times a week Scott is going to have to get another job so that we can afford it!  We definitely don’t indulge her daily even though she asks.  She understands that it’s a special treat which is good.  But the smile on her face when she hears that tinkly music coming through the neighborhood really brings me back.

A day early, a coupon short.

I seem to have bad timing lately.  In the past week I have gone shopping quite a bit.  There were birthday presents to buy, baby shower gifts to purchase, and just general things that we’ve needed for the house.  We’ve been in our new home for over a month now and we’re still working on getting settled in.  We still have bare walls and undressed windows, but we’re working it.  Anyway, I digress.

Last week Scott made a few trips to Lowe’s to get some things that he needed to do yard work.  Hedge trimmers, loppers, grass seed, yadda yadda yadda.  He spent over two hundred dollars on that particular trip.  All stuff we needed.  Well wouldn’t you know that the very next day when I went out to get the mail there were some nice “new homeowner coupons” in the mail with a big fat $50 off a purchase of $200 at Lowe’s.  FML.  (In case you’re wondering, we couldn’t get a price adjustment unless we returned all of the items and repurchased them with the coupon.  That couldn’t be done since many of the items were already used.  Boo hiss!)

Later in the week, I took a trip up to one of my favorite stores, The Christmas Tree Shop.  For those of you who are not familiar with this store (how unlucky for you!), it is not a holiday shop and they don’t sell Christmas trees (well, they do when they’re in season, but not year round).  Anywho, sometimes I have awesome luck in this store, and sometimes I leave empty handed.  Well, this week I was a lucky shopper.  I got a large mirror for over our fireplace for $30, I got two Adirondack tables for the yard for $12/each, I got some plastic plates, cups and a serving tray for outdoor eating, and a few other things for the house.  I spent a little over $80.  Guess what came in the mail the very next day?  You got it!  A nice, “welcome to the neighborhood” coupon from The Christmas Tree Shop for 20% off your entire purchase.  FML, again. This coupon has the same disclaimer as the Lowe’s one about not for use on prior purchases.  I considered returning everything and re-buying it but the store isn’t that close and some of the items were big and heavy.  Boo hiss, again!

The thing that gets me about all of this is that we’ve been here for over a month.  Why didn’t we get these fabulous coupons sooner?  I’m sure we’ll be back to both stores in the near future and we’ll be able to use them then, but it would have been great to have been able to use them already.  With my luck next time I’m back there, the coupons will have expired.  Ugh.

Holding back the tears.

Today my little girl graduated from her first year of preschool.  I don’t know where the time has gone but somehow over the past three and half years she has transformed from a little, helpless, squishy infant into a beautiful, intelligent, sweet little girl.  Everyday when I look at her, I am amazed at the little person that she is.  She is truly the light of my life and I can’t imagine a life without her in it.

When Brinley started school back in September she was a totally different child.  She was extremely shy and cried every morning when I dropped her off at school.  It broke my heart to see her like that but I knew that eventually she’d come around and love school… So what if it took almost four months.  Now, eight months later, she is so sad that school is over.  She tells me everyday that she doesn’t want to have a summer vacation because she loves school.  I just keep reminding her that she’ll enjoy the break and she’ll be going back in September.

Back to today… For weeks Brinley and her little class of seven other kids have been preparing for their end of the year musical program and graduation.  She’s been singing all sorts of songs at home that she has learned in school and I was very curious to see how this would all play out live on stage at school.  The day finally arrived and she got dressed up in a cute little dress.  She was so excited this morning to perform for us at school and to take part in the finale.  I dropped her off at the usual 9am and ran home to finish getting myself and Nora ready.  I knew that I’d need to get there a little earlier than 10am to be sure to get a seat.  But when I pulled into the school parking lot at 9:35am and there was not a single spot in sight, I was a little taken aback.  I finally found a place to park and headed inside.  When I got inside the gymnasium I was once again surprised to see that nearly every single seat had already been taken or reserved.  From talking with another mom, I learned that some parents had gotten to the school as early as 8am to reserved their seats.  (At least I’ll know better for next year!)  Anyway, I managed to find a seat for Nora and I but Scott would have to stand when he arrived.

The show started and Brinely’s class was the second to preform.  She walked perfectly into the gym with her classmates and lined up on the stage all ready to sing.  She saw us and smiled and the look on her face was of such joy.  It truly melted my heart.  Then they began to sing and my once quite little girl was up there as proud as can be belting out the words to every single song.  It made me so proud and I began to feel my throat get tight and my eyes well up with tears.  And trust me I am NOT a sappy person.  I held back the tears but it was an emotional moment to say the least.  Brinley recieved her diploma and walked down from the stage with the rest of her class.  The entire performance (for her class) lasted maybe 8 minutes but those were 8 minutes that I’ll never forget.

Seeing your children grow up and change and be so proud of themselves is amazing.  And knowing that your love, support and guidance has brought them to that place is a very overwhelming feeling.  I am so proud of my little girl and though I’d like her to stay little forever, I am so excited to watch her continue to grow and prosper.  I have no doubt that she will achieve great things in life.

Now, can someone pass me the tissues? ::sob, sob::

Welcome blog hoppers!

Hi and welcome to all you D-listed Blog Party 2010 blog hoppers.  I’m so glad that you stopped by!  If you’ve never been here before, I hope you’ll look around and stay a while.  If you like what you read, please come back.  I try to post everyday but we recently bought a new house and are still in the process of doing all that new house stuff, so bear with me.  If you want to get a feel for what I’m like before you commit my blog to your reader, feel free to check out my About Me page, read my recent interview that appeared over at Waking Up Williams, or read my 100th post post featuring 100 facts about me.

Once you feel like you “know” me, take a look at some of my favorite and most popular posts:

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Or just click around and see what appeals to you.  Thanks again for stopping by.  Please leave me a comment so I know you were here and so I can go check out your blog too!

So many shows, so little time.

There are so many shows on TV that I feel like everyone watches.  Everyone except me, that is.  I like TV and I do watch it.  It just seems like the shows that appeal to me are not the ones that appeal to the masses and vice versa.

Here is a list of popular shows that I never watched.  Most of which I have never even seen one episode of:

Grey’s Anatomy – I’m pretty sure I’d love this show but I never saw it in the first season.  I thought it would be hard to “learn” the characters and plot lines jumping in later.  Maybe I’ll watch it on DVD.

Lost – I haven’t had any interest in Matthew Fox since Party of Five.  This show just doesn’t appeal to me AT ALL.

Sex and the City - Again, just not up my alley.  I know, I know, how could it be possible?  But seriously, I haven’t seen one single episode of this show and I just have no desire at all to watch it.

24 - This is another show that I’d probably like but I think I never started watching it because it conflicted with something else that I really loved.  Probably either Prison Break or American Idol.  Seems really cool, but probably too late to get into it now.  Maybe another DVD show I’ll watch when I get some free time, ha!

Heroes - I’ve never been one for super heroes, super powers, XMen type movies or shows.  Blah.

How I Met Your Mother - I’ve loved Neil Patrick Harris since waaaaaaaaaaay back in his Doogie Howser, MD days.  This show seems hilarious but, again, it must have conflicted with something else that I watch(ed).

Survivor - Not much to say about this one.  Just not interested.

Desperate Housewives - Seems like it’s sort of complicated to follow, just by hearing the commercials for it.  I prefer mindless TV.  I only have room in my brain for one complicated show at a time and I was obsessed with Prison Break.

Gossip Girl - I could be wrong but I thought this was a teeny bopper-ish type of show.  So I never got into it.  Don’t really care to anyway.

Glee – This show looks hilarious.  I wish I had gotten into it.  Too late?

I’m sure there are more that others love that I’ve never seen but these are the ones that I seem to get the most flack for not watching.  Like I said, I was obsessed with Prison Break.  I’m so sad that it had to end, even though I knew it would eventually.  These days my TV watching is pretty much nil except for Ellen in the morning and occasionally Two and a Half Men on DVR (even though now with Charlie Sheen’s situation it’s bound to go into hiatus) and Red Sox baseball.

I never got to the theater to see Avatar or The Blind Side but they’re both sitting on my DVD player just waiting to be watched.  I just need a few more hours in my day.  Please?

What are some of your favorite TV shows or movies?  How do you find the time to watch them all?  We use DVR but even with that it’s hard to find time to sit down and watch them when there are so many other things that have to be done.

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