Who do you trust to watch your children when you need to do adult things?  For us it’s only ever been family.  And by family I mean my mother or my mother-in-law.  No one else.  Call me over protective, call me paranoid.  I just don’t feel comfortable leaving my kids with someone who is not related to either me or my husband by blood.  Sure I have many friends that I trust and love but they either a) don’t live close enough to babysit when I have an appointment or b) would be totally unprepared to handle two small children (sorry friends, I love you dearly but it’s a lot of work).

Anyway, how do you go about finding someone to babysit your kids?  Just thinking about it makes me want to vomit.  Yet I know that it is something that many parents do all the time.  Heck, I made tons of cash growing up watching other people’s kids and I was a nanny for about seven of the last ten years in some capacity.  So why is it so hard for me to imagine someone unrelated to me taking care of my children when I counted on other people to hire me to watch theirs?

There is no way that I can go the rest of my life (ok, probably the next 12 or so years) without having to have a “stranger” watch my kids.  A time will come where Scott and I both need to go somewhere when neither my family or his will be available to babysit.  My mother-in-law lives seventy miles away, and although she’d come up in a heartbeat, sometimes it’s just not feasible.  My mother is pretty close by and helps out a lot but she has other grand kids and also has a pretty busy life herself.

So what is the best way to go about finding a babysitter?  I’d hope to be able to find someone who was like me when I was in high school and college.  I loved kids (still do) and had so much fun as a babysitter.  But I get a little bit uneasy thinking about the ones who interview great but then end up sitting on the couch watching TV and talking on the phone while the kids get into everything and go unfed.

Add this to the list of not the hardest but still hard parts of parenting.

(Photo is NOT of my child)

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