It was back to school today for Brinley after a week off (well only 2 days off for her since she only goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays).  Wouldn’t you know that the morning I have to be up and at ‘em, Nora decides she is going to “sleep in”!?  By sleep in I mean stay happily in her crib until 7:30am instead of screaming to get up at 6:15am.  Anyway, Brinley woke up in a superb mood and got dressed without a fight, off to a great start.  Got Nora up, dressed, fed both girls breakfast and did Brinley’s hair all before Scott was out of the shower, go me!  Ate my own breakfast, got the girls in their jackets, grabbed Brinley’s backpack (Let’s GO!  Sorry, Dora reference) and we’re out the door before 8:30am.

Wait, wait, it gets better.  I have a coupon in my pocket for a FREE, yes free, medium coffee at Dunkin Donuts (because I spent $25 there on my DD card last month) and we’re out of the house early enough for me to make a quick pit stop before heading to school, major score!  I grab my coffee but not without the obligatory munchkin demand from the peanut gallery in the backseat.  We pull in to school and I’m sort of anticipating a bit of crying/separation anxiety from Brinley since its been over a week since she’s been to school.  Much to my surprise she’s asking when she can get out of the car and go see her friends.  I let her out in the car pool lane with a huge smile on her face and I’m on my merry way home.

Nora and I head in the house for some one-on-one play time.  We have just about every toy out of the basket yet she insists on playing with the laundry and a tissue, ah kids!  After enjoying her belly laughs for 40 minutes, she starts to get sloppy which means she’s ready for her morning nap.  I put her in the crib without so much as a peep from her and head down stairs to get my dinner in the crock pot.  Peel, slice, chop, season and here you have it:

Pot Roast
I go throw a load of laundry in the wash and then plant my butt on the couch to watch some morning talk shows, catch up on blog reading, and update my own.  It’s a good day.  All that done by 10am.  Let’s see if we can keep this momentum going.  (I highly doubt it.)
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