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Conversation with Brinley

Brinley: Mom, can you open the gate?

Me: Why?

Brinley: Because its closed. (Obviously I can see that.)

Me: I know, but why do you need me to open it?

Brinley: Because I can’t do it myself. (I know this also.)

Me: I know that, but what is it that you need to go downstairs for?

Brinley: I need to get some tape. (Because I ripped the page that I was coloring.)

Lesson learned – be more specific when asking an almost 3 year old questions. Apparently “why?” is not clear enough. She got me this time!

Brinley’s First Haircut

For the past few months I’ve been asking Brinley if she wanted to go and get her haircut. She has always answered with NO. Luckily she’s a girl and haircuts are not absolutely necessary to keep her looking cute. However, she has never had one and I felt it was probably time. Her hair was looking a little straggly at the ends and was growing in a bit uneven. Every time I asked her about getting a hair cut she would just say that she didn’t want to. I even showed her the kids place called Snip-Its and told her that she could play games and watch TV while she got her hair cut but that was a no go as well.

I was determined for her to get a haircut before she starts school next month. This morning I asked her if she wanted to watch videos of some kids getting their hair cut (she loves videos). Luckily I was able to find a bunch on YouTube. She watched about 10 different ones and kept asking to see them again throughout the morning. Then I told her that today we were going to go and get her hair cut, but she still didn’t seem to want to. I was going to take her to Snip-Its but then I thought it might be a bit overwhelming for her so I decided to just take her to the salon I go to. I made an appointment for 2:30 and kept telling her that we would just go and check it out.

Well we went, and she did ok. She sat on my lap and let the hairdresser, named Kristen, comb her hair. She would not wear the cape or let her even spray her hair. So she got a dry cut. I’m fine with it because I just wanted it to be trimmed and somewhat straight across the back. Brinley sat still and was pretty good but I’m not even sure she knew what was going on because I was distracting her by talking to her and asking her questions. It took about 10 minutes! When it was over she looked on the floor and saw hair. I asked her if she knew whose hair it was and she said she didn’t know. I told her it was hers and we took some off of the floor to bring home.

She still seems a little bit sad about it and says she wants her hair to be long again. I keep reassuring her that it will grow everyday and it will be long. Not that it was cut short anyway, we took about 2-3 inches off. Some things are just too hard for a kid her age to comprehend. Hopefully she won’t hate me forever for making her get her haircut!


Nora loves to stand up. She has great strength in her legs and will push off of everything. She loves being held up and standing on our legs. I thought it might be about time to try putting her in the Exersaucer so that she could work on those leg muscles. She really seems to like it. She can spin her self around most of the way and loves to look at the toys. She grabs for them too. She doesn’t tolerate it for long periods of time, but I’m sure she’ll work up to that. Brinley used to love being in that thing!

Here is a side-by-side of both girls’ first time in the Exersaucer:

Our garage is now a playroom!

About two weeks ago I got the bright idea to transform our garage into a playroom for the kids. Living in a two bedroom town house with two kids = toys and baby paraphernalia EVERYWHERE! This would allow us to move most of the toys, especially the big ones, out of our living room and would give Brinley, and eventually Nora, more room to play. This is probably one of the best ideas that I have ever had! Luckily Scott thought it was a great idea too.

The garage before.

On Wednesday afternoon, we drove up to Nashua to look at some carpet at Home Depot and a couch/chaise/futon type thing at BJs. We ended up purchasing both things right then and Scott rented a UHaul van to pick both things up saving us big on tax and delivery charges.

By Friday night Scott and I had “installed” the carpet and assembled the couch. We also started bringing some of the toys down. We decided that a trip to IKEA was in store. I wanted to get a table and chairs for Brinley as well as some sort of storage type thing. We ended up scoring big there with the table and chair set, a bin storage unit, a curtain to hide stuff behind, a clock, some trash cans, a tent for Brinley and some other odds and ends.

By Saturday night the room was nearly finished. We just had some remaining things to find homes for. This project was a huge success and it also made us organize and get rid of a lot of the stuff that we had just been throwing places. Now we have an organized laundry room, closet, “notch” cut out area and playroom. Brinley absolutely loves it as its probably the biggest open space in our house. She can take out whatever she wants and we don’t have to worry about tripping over her toys in the living room now. I’m planning to get some more things for the walls, like a calendar and weather chart (its the teacher in me), but I’m beyond thrilled with how it all turned out. Its certainly going to make this winter a lot easier on us since we won’t have to be crammed up in the living room day after day.

The finished playroom!


Nora tried out the Bumbo seat for the first time this weekend. She seemed pretty content in it though not totally sturdy yet. It was a Godsend with Brinley. She loved sitting in it and we brought it everywhere with us, including restaurants. I think Brinley was a bit older the first time she sat in it. Here are pictures of both girls sitting in it for the first time:

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