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My baby girl is TWO!!

Time sure does fly! I can’t believe it has been two years already. She is getting so big, so fast and its quite sad. However, she is just as awesome as ever and never ceases to amaze me! We had a fun filled birthday weekend with a party on Saturday and a birthday shopping and lunch day on Sunday. Brinley was so excited about turning two and made sure to let everyone know it. She had a Curious George party with lost of family and friends. Thanks to everyone who came and brought her all the nice gifts. She truly is a lucky (and spoiled) little girl.

Enjoying her new bike


Just thought I’d share some of Brinley’s cuteness with you all… nothing in particular to report.

My little Red Sox fan and her Wally!

I like to wear my sunglasses when I eat my dinner :-)

My two loves!

It’s Here!!

The NEW couch!! I’m in love with it. Its big and cozy and comfy. I bet we could fit about 7 or 8 people on it! We never had enough seating in our living room and now that won’t be a problem. All that’s missing now is the coffee table (which was delayed in shipping). It should be here sometime in the next 2 weeks.

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