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The Butterfly Place

Today Brinley and I met some friends and went to The Butterfly Place in Westford. Its a big, enclosed butterfly and flower habitat. There are tons of butterflies just flying around and plants are everywhere. The butterflies will occasionally land on you if you are still. One landed on Hannah and stayed on her leg for almost 20 minutes. It was pretty amazing. Brinley was in awe of all the butterflies. She just kept looking up and saying, “wow Mommy!” It was so cute. She said that her favorite was the yellow one. There was also a really huge moth that was hanging onto a tree. It was bigger than some birds that I’ve seen. It was so crazy. All of the butterflies were very beautiful. There was an awesome blue one but it wouldn’t stop so we could get a picture. We also saw caterpillars and learned how they transform into butterflies.

After visiting the butterflies we went over to Kimball Farm for some ice cream. We also saw a few goats and some roosters. We had a nice little lunch under the tent and then enjoyed some ice cream. Brinley enjoyed looking at the bumper boats and walking through the country store.

Where Has the Time Gone?

NOTE: This blog post inspired by my sister-in-law, Linda, who has started a blog of her own reminding me that I need to get back to mine.

This has been quite a summer so far for our family. Last summer Brinley was not yet walking or talking and not able to as much on her own. This summer is very different. It really is amazing what a difference a year makes. At nearly 22 months Brinley is walking, running, jumping, hopping, singing, talking, dancing, and enjoying her little life to the fullest. We are so amazed by her every day.

Let me take a minute (or two) here to brag about some of the amazing things that our little girl is now doing… In terms of language, I am just blown away at her level of understanding and communicating. I feel like she is able to say whatever she wants whenever she wants. I’ve read in books that around this age children should have a vocabulary of about 200-300 words. I honestly think Brinley can say more like 500-800 words. Even that might be cutting it short. She says everything from elephant to motorcycle to microwave. There are no limits. If she hears it once its part of her vocabulary. Also at this age children should be able to string 2-3 words together in small sentences. Well yesterday I asked Brinley if the fruit I was holding was a banana and she looked right at me and said, “Yes Mommy, it is a banana.” All in perfect, articulate English. She also knows all her colors including silver and can count to 12. She can name and identify a circle, square, triangle, star, and heart. Brinley can sing the alphabet and can identify more than half of the letters in the alphabet by sight. She sings The Itsy Bitsy Spider, You are My Sunshine, Twinkle Twinkle, The Farmer and the Dell and others. There is so much more that she can do but I’d run out of room to write it all down.

Back to this summer… So far we’ve visited Plymouth, the Lake, and Story Land with Brinley. She LOVES the water whether it be a pool or the lake. She likes to collect rocks and make sand castles. She had a blast at Story Land. We stayed at the Conway Grand Hotel for 2 nights and she was awesome. We went outlet shopping and spent a whole day (Father’s Day) at Story Land itself. She went on every ride that she was allowed to (some have a 36 inch height restriction). She loved the Dutch Shoes and the German Carousel. When the time comes she is going to LOVE Disney World!

Our next adventure will take us to New York to visit our friends Kelli & James. While we’re there we’re going to take a day trip to the Bronx Zoo. I know that Brinley is going to love it!

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