It took 17 months but Brinley eventually got her first ear infection. On Friday she was not herself and felt very hot. I decided to take her to the doctors to get her checked out. She has a fever of 103 and was cranky and clingy all day. The doctor quickly diagnosed an ear infection in her left ear. The weekend was a roller coaster – there was the Brinley on Motrin and the Brinley off Motrin. Whoever invented Motrin is a Godsend! She was a completely different child when she had the Motrin in her – playing, laughing, coloring, etc. When the Motrin wore off it was like a light switch. She was cranky, clingy and only wanted her binky and to watch George. Her sleep cycle is complete out of whack. She was up at 4:30 am on Saturday morning (and so was I) and then up at 6:00 am on Sunday and again today. Nights were restless and she woke up sweaty each morning. Its so sad to see her like this. She is usually such a happy and playful little girl and this is so hard to see. I’m sleep deprived so that’s not making it any easier. Hopefully the doctor will be right and she will be feeling better today.

As a side note, everytime I give her the Amoxicillin it bring me back to my childhood. That smell of the bubble gum pink medicine reminds me of how sick I always was as a kid. Luckily for us, this is her first time and hopefully the last for while. Feel better soon baby girl!

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